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Purple Skies Consulting Ltd

Taking you to new heights; one step at a time





About Us

Purple Skies Consulting Ltd is about taking you to new heights, one step at a time. Working with Gillian Walton, your Personal Development Partner, to stop the burnout, find a way forwards, release those blocks and fears plus re-unite you with your confidence. Using person centered and transformational life coaching skills to move you from one step to the next. You will always get a service with a smile and be treated like a VIP, because all Purple Skies clients are important clients. Additionally, working with your organisation as part of a professional development programme. Using coaching techniques with your teams or individuals to achieve the goals and objectives set out within your professional development programme.

Working with Gill

All my clients are VIP clients, there is no difference at Purple Skies Consulting. Each client will want to work in different ways but the most important element is you, the client. Working with you 1-to-1 to help you walk your chosen path and get to where you want to be. I will work with you to break through those blocks and fears. Building self esteem, a positive self-image and re-unite you with your confidence.

Career Development

Working 1-to-1 with you if you are stuck in your career and need to get unstuck and move forwards.

Adapting to change

Working with you if you have chosen to make a huge change in your life and now don't know how to deal with it e.g. a conscious decision to give up work,


Various workshops are set up during the year to help with various challenges.


Helping you with all kind of changes in projects that impact the people of your organisation.


Why work with purple skies

Everybody has confidence, some people have lost touch and need to be re-united. Whether you want individual help or an organisation that would like assistance with their professional development programme.......

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Learn from mistakes

7 Steps To Learn From Mistakes

We all do things we wish we didn’t. We all make mistakes at some stage. It’s life. But it’s no good beating ourselves up about it. Its not productive. It stops us from moving forwards. It prevents us from developing as a person. So its important to learn from mistakes. […]

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6 ways to create a career plan

Creating a career plan will provide focus. You will be able to easily see what you need to do and where you are going. Having clear direction can provide motivation and guidance. By working a plan you gain a sense of achievement and accomplishment. This in turn re-enforces confidence. Exploring […]

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Imagine Enjoying Your Job And Loving Every Minute Of It

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How To Get Help With Your Career

Are you in any of these situations at the moment? There may be a point where you need to get some help with your career. By getting help with your career and professional development you will get to where you want to be a lot quicker than if you struggle […]

Have a career you can be proud of

Have a career you can be proud of

Would you like help to progress in your career? This post explains why you would benefit from help and support from my professional development coaching service. I have receive coaching myself and found it extremely beneficial. Experiencing the benefits first hand. I still receive coaching to help my own person […]


The best professional devlopment blog posts…so far

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Your self-critic may be dangerous to your career

Don’t let others throw you off your track. If you have a professional development plan but something goes wrong, just take a deep breath and learn from it. If not the only person that suffers will be you. You will be the one that will lack motivation and allow that […]

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Are you fed up with your job?

“60 per cent of UK workers not happy in their jobs” according to a recent study by Investors In People. Are you part of this 60% where you feel you are stuck in your career? Do you want to be unstuck? It maybe you need a professional development plan to […]

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Your weaknesses may be causing you to lose out on your strengths

Do you know how well you use your strengths at work? “Employees who use their strengths outperform those who don’t” according to a report produced by Gallup. This research talks about the use of strengths leadership and how this can benefit the organisation. Taking a step back and analysing how […]


7 Steps to stop making the same mistakes at work

  It’s time to stop making the same mistakes over and over again at work. These seven steps will help you get to the bottom of the issue then assess what you can do about it. As part of professional development we need to learn. Assess the gaps and create […]