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About Us

Purple Skies Consulting Ltd Taking your career to new heights; one step at a time. Working with Gillian Walton, your Personal Development Partner, to stop the burnout, find a way forwards, release those blocks and fears plus re-unite you with your confidence. Using person centered and transformational life coaching skills to move you from one step to the next. You will always get a service with a smile and be treated like a VIP, because all Purple Skies clients are important clients. Additionally, working with your organisation as part of a professional development programme. Using coaching techniques with your teams or individuals to achieve the goals and objectives set out within your professional development programme.

Working with Gill

All my clients are VIP clients, there is no difference at Purple Skies Consulting. Each client will want to work in different ways but the most important element is you, the client. Working with you 1-to-1 to help you walk your chosen path and get to where you want to be. I will work with you to break through those blocks and fears. Building self esteem, a positive self-image and re-unite you with your confidence.

Career Development

Working 1-to-1 with you if you are stuck in your career and need to get unstuck and move forwards.

Adapting to change

Working with you if you have chosen to make a huge change in your life and now don't know how to deal with it e.g. a conscious decision to give up work,


Various workshops are set up during the year to help with various challenges.


Helping you with all kind of changes in projects that impact the people of your organisation.


Why work with purple skies

Everybody has confidence, some people have lost touch and need to be re-united. Whether you want individual help or an organisation that would like assistance with their professional development programme.......

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Burnout, stress, goals

The Health Risk Hiding in Your Goals

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Are you now well and truly settled into the new year? You should now be on course, working towards the goals you have set out to achieve. If not and you need some tips read my post about starting afresh. Whether it’s a new job, promotion or just a new […]

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Will AI Help Relieve Stress in the Law Firm?

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As we see the increasing use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is this something that will reduce stress in the workplace? Will we become less attached to our devices? Our brains have developed over the years, continually improve and advancing. We are capable of so much more now compared to 10,000 […]

Stress, Burnout

One Way To Avoid Burnout

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Having a career plan helps you avoid burnout and stress. By knowing where you going gives you focus and sense of purpose. There are other ways to avoid burnout, however this post will focus on the career plan. By developing a career plan it will give you direction, what to […]

stress, burnout

Do You Recognise the 16 Early Warning Signs of Burnout

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If some of below the signs of burnout resonate for you, do something about it before its too late. We are well and truly settling into the new year and reality is now setting in. The parties are over with and it’s back to the grind stone. For those who […]

career goal, coach, professional development

4 ways to find your career goal

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Setting yourself a career goal will provide direction. If you are unsure of what our goals are there will be a disconnect with the options available to us. This can lead to confusion and overwhelm. If you are not sure where you are going you could be standing still. When […]

Overwhelmed with your career, Overwhelmed, career, career choice, professional development

Are you overwhelmed with your career?

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Overwhelmed with your career choice? They say having too much choice is the worst thing. Like a child in a sweet shop, too much choice makes it harder to decide. What about if your plodding along whilst your trying to work it all out? In the hope that something might […]

starting afresh, start afresh, career, options

7 ways to help you cope with starting afresh

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There are many factors that can put people into a position of ‘starting afresh’. Whether its redundancy, new job, or getting a promotion they are all triggers of having the opportunity to start afresh. When we want to start afresh we may not know what our options are but starting afresh […]

brainstorm, career, professional development, career options

How to brainstorm new career options

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At a cross roads and not sure what your career options are? When I am working with clients some of them are not sure what options they have available to them. They are confused and overwhelmed. Sometimes only one option can appear to be the only answer but most often […]

Is January a good time to search for a new job?

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There’s a simple answer to this question: Yes   However, there’s also a longer answer which is: Yes, and so is February, March, April etc… through to (and including) December   Common belief is that the best time of year to be looking for a new job is after the New […]

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Emotional Intelligence is not just for leadership

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I recently posted a blog piece in an Emotional Intelligence (EQ) group in LinkedIn. It was about EQ and it’s importance to your career. You can read it here. This was a post quite a few people related to. There were 17 comments and 74 likes, so it stirred interest […]