What is a VA and how to use one?

What is a Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant, is your online flexible resource to help you and your business grow. There are many Virtual Assistants offering a variety of services. For example, diary and email management, social media scheduling and management, event planning and much more. Depending on your needs and your goals will depend on the type of services your require.

By outsourcing work to a Virtual Assistant you will free yourself to focus on other aspects in your business. Whether that is finding new clients or servicing your current ones. Using a Virtual Assistant allows you to focus on the money making activities.

Working with a Virtual Assistant also provides you with the flexibility of not having to employ someone in your business. And therefore don’t want the hassle employing staff, but also using a resource remotely means you don’t have to have someone working on your site.

How to Use a Virtual Assistant

When your in a position where you don’t have time to get new clients or work with clients, you then need to think about hiring a VA. But before you start Googling “Virtual Assistants” you need to have a think about what you would like your VA to do.

Time Tracker

One approach could be to record everything you do each day, for a week. Then review what you have noted to find any trends. Do you find your spending hours scheduling social media posts or trying to work out how to schedule posts with a social media scheduling app?

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Eggs in Different Baskets

It may be you notice you spend a lot of time keeping your accounts up to date and keep track of your expenses, then it may be you would look for a specialist in bookkeeping. Therefore rather than using one VA for all your tasks, you are using two VAs who are specialised in both areas. The advantage of this is your not putting all your eggs in one basket. Plus your ensuring your receiving the best service from people who are good at their particular specialism.

Whether you use a time tracker or just list the tasks you want to outsource, it’s a good idea to then prioritise each of the tasks. Here you identify what type if services are currently the most important for your business in order to achieve your goals.

Finding a Virtual Assistant

Finding a VA can be as easy as searching via google or using Upwork, however there is no better way than referrals. So reach out to your network and ask for recommendations. There is nothing better than using a trusted source to find someone to help you in your business.

Once you have found a VA, try them out with some low impact tasks first to see how you get on. It’s important to invest time to build a relationship and trust. Then, when you are happy with how you work together you can delegate the more crucial tasks.

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